A People’s Democratic Party, PDP chieftain, Abubakar Dogon Yaro Bibi has applauded the 100 days of President Mohammadu Buhari in office saying his performance has been satisfactory so far.
Speaking with journalists in Bauchi, Bibi said the President has been on his feet especially by putting Permanent Secretaries on their toes, saying the President has made remarkable achievements within period under review.
“Buhari is not slow because if you observe, everyday there is a chain of permanent secretaries visiting him to inform him on how they run the ministries, so he is not going to appoint a minister without knowing the actual problem in the ministries so he is not slow, he has to know the in and out of the ministry before appointing a minister to manage that place.
To be honest and candid, Buhari is doing well in discharging his duty as the President of this nation just look at the insecurity, he has played a significant role,” he said
On the recent appointments made so far by the President, Bibi said that the President acted on his prerogative of office and hence should not be faulted, adding that even the Secretary to the Government of the Federation was appointed based on merit.
Bibi argued that it was too early to say Buhari has marginalised the south but advised people to wait for his cabinet in the next one or two months.
On the current fight against corruption by this administration, he challenged the President to take urgent steps to checkmate state governors saying if the president is to win the war against corruption, he must focus on the states.
“There is high level of corruption in the states where governors have turned local governments into appendages of looting the treasury. If really the President is going to fight corruption, he must start from the state governors because corruption starts from that area. If you observe like Bauchi state, since the inception of Mohammed Abubakar administration, the federation account comes regularly but unfortunately there is nothing to show for it in the local government areas but only the salaries. I will call on the National Assembly to enact a bill for the account of the local governments to be independent so that the local governments can forge ahead but if this is not done the corruption will be there,” he said.