Professional Rig Owners
and Borehole Drilling
Practitioners, AWDROP,
has noted that millions
of Nigerians are dying of
water borne diseases because
about one hundred million
Nigerians drink what it
termed ‘killer water’.
According to AWDROP, the
number accounted for over
65 % of the total population
of 150 million Nigerian
citizens, which it said
accounted for why there were
preponderances of cholera,
typhoid and other lethal
diseases in the country.
In a mid-term assessment
of activities meeting held
in Aiyegbaju-Ekiti, in Oye
Local Government Area of
Ekiti State at the weekend
and attended by all states’
executives, the AWDROP
National President, Mr.
Oludare Ale said the body
will continue to be passionate
about people’s access to
safe water to prevent health
Ale, who donated some
boreholes to the town to give
the people means of portable
water, blamed the federal
government for the infiltration
of quacks into drilling
business in the country, saying
the government would prefer
to patronize them(quacks)
than the real professionals.
He said government
understands the benefits
inherent in water resources
which necessitated the
establishment of the Ministry
of Water resources, adding
that government would
make several billions of naira
if it comes up with Water
Regulation Law that will
bring standardization to its
provision and sales in the
“Water is a precious resource
that must be measurably
harnessed to develop our
nation. But the painful thing
has been that, the quacks has
taken over drilling business
in the country . They get
contracts from government
at all levels and provide
boreholes that are not better
than hand-dug-wells for
people to consume.
“Even in most cases, they
will drill boreholes near
toilets’ soak away without
doing grouting and people
will end up drinking faecesinfected
water and develop
health complications, all these
must stop.
“Even the country risks
occurrences of earth quake
or land tremor due to over
extraction of underground
water in the soil , so there must

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