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102 women die daily during childbirth- Mrs Akeredolu



102 women die daily during childbirth- Mrs Akeredolu

WIFE of Ondo State Governor, Mrs Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu yesterday said about 102 women die daily during childbirth.
she also noted that 2,123 children could not be alive to celebrate their 5th birthday because of premature death.

Mrs Akeredolu attributed this to low literacy level of most Women,stressing that half of Nigeria’s women population were illiterates.

She noted that the major cause of low literacy level among Nigerian women was lack of opportunity to be properly schooled due to gender stereotypes prevailing in the country.

Mrs Akeredolu spoke at the 2nd edition of ‘BEMORE’ summer boot camp ceremony at PSTI, Ilara-Mokin where another set of 400 girls were empowered in the field of Information and Communication Techology (ICY) as well as Solar technology.

According to her, government at all levels needed to pay more attention to girl-child in Nigeria, saying no nation can achieve sustainable development until special attention was paid to girl-child in terms of education and protection.

She maintained that Nigeria female illiteracy population remains higher till date, adding that more than half of Nigerian women were still without a formal education which must receive urgent attention.

Mrs Akeredolu said, “Our greatest error as a nation is not the acts that prompted the 1967 civil war. Our greatest error has been and continue to be, denying the girl child equal access to quality education by upholding cultural norms, traditions and religious beliefs that discriminate against them.

“I have dedicated my life to empowering the women folk simply because I understand that a prosperous woman equals a prosperous family and in turn a prosperous community and this ideology drives me and I believe it should drive every individual seeking a better world today.

“An investment in the girl-child is not only an investment that secures our nation’s future but one that also transforms our present state. Young girls are vibrant and smart, they have potentials yearning for expression locked inside them. We will be astonished at what they can do if we support them in unlocking these potentials.

The founder, Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria(BRECAN) was optimistic that the beneficiaries would transform Nigeria to a digital country and bring an end to one of the greatest issues bedevilling the country especially unstable electricity.

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