1. It will feel great because it’s off limits

Everyone loves a secret liaison. Having to wait for your flatmates to leave the room before you pounce on each other, while mentally repeating to yourself that it’s a terrible idea, makes it feel like star-crossed lovers in a TV-only period drama, rather than two people trying not to get sex juice on the sofa.

2. Your other flatmates definitely don’t want to hear it


And you couldn’t be more aware. Every creak, bump and moan will make you wonder if poor Rosie across the corridor is reaching for her headphones and shuddering.

3. Alcohol is your worst enemy.

You both know it wasn’t really the beer that made you fall over and land on top of each other, but it’s a good excuse.

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4. You’ll agree to stop doing it, but it won’t last


Awful idea, you said. Can only end badly, you said. So why are you naked?

5. No matter how secret you think you’re keeping it, your flatmates probably know

Whether it’s a creaky floorboard as you cross the landing to each other’s bedrooms or the sexual tension so strong it could be felt by the next-door-but-one neighbour, you’re not being as discrete as you think.

6. Your mates will give conflicting advice

Some will think you should go for it and see what happens, while others foresee disaster. Trouble is, they’ve both got a point.

7. You’ll have all-consuming moments of panic

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What if the other flatmates tell us both to move out? What if we hate each other so much we can’t even share tea bags? What if someone starts to get *whispers* attached? Should you just move out? Leave the country? Become a nun?

8. You should probably sit down and talk about it

Acknowledging that you’re sleeping with each other in a less-than-ideal situation is the first step. How you deal with it isn’t so easy, so you decide to fantasise instead that you met down the pub and it’s all fine. That isn’t helpful.

9. It’s a bit Fifty Shades, but writing some rules is a good idea.

If you’ve read numbers one to ten and STILL aren’t put off, then you really need to decide what is and isn’t OK in your housemate-sex-buddy sitch. Seriously, pretend it’s the apocalypse and plan for every eventuality.

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10. If you start getting feels, admit it

ross rachel

That’s the time you need to decide whether you’re packing it in, packing a suitcase and moving out, or embracing the situation and falling madly in love. If you go for option three, it might be a good time to inform your fellow housemates.

11. Whatever happens, you still have to live together

Well, you don’t HAVE to, but house-hunting is a massive ball ache. It’s in your best interests not to piss each other off.

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