At least 14 people are dead and 6,165 have been hospitalized across Japan during a heat wave that has gripped the country for several weeks, officials said.

In some areas, temperatures have reached the triple digits, dangerously hot for hundreds of citizens in the country’s aging population.

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Tatebayashi, in central Honshu’s Gunma Prefecture, topped out at 100.8 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday, said meteorologist Jon Erdman.

Last week was particularly hot in many locations.

Takada topped out at 101.3F. Tokyo reached 93.7F, and temperatures in Kobe climbed to 96.8F, Erdman said.

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The number of people hospitalized for heat-related illnesses doubled from the previous week, when Japan Today reported that 3,058 people were admitted to hospitals.

Sputnik News reports that 578 of those sent to hospitals were in Tokyo, and many of those sickened are at least 65 years old.

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“Evaporation of moisture from wet soils thanks to heavy rainfall from Typhoon Nangka last week only added to the oppressiveness of the air mass for some in Japan,” Erdman said.