As a huge number of individuals from an underprivileged group in northern India keep on protesting to request government benefits, the more than 16 million individuals in India’s capital are facing a water shortage as an after effect of the brutal protest, which have left no less than 10 dead.

The protesters have damaged hardware that brings water from Munak channel in Haryana state to New Delhi, draining the capital’s water supply. New Delhi gets around 60 percent of its water from the neighboring state.

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s boss clergyman, reported Sunday that schools in the capital would be shut Monday because of the water lack. He additionally requested the proportioning of water to individuals’ homes.

No less than 10 individuals have been killed in terminating on nonconformists by Indian security powers subsequent to the weeklong challenges turned brutal on Friday, Yashpal Singhal, the state’s top cop, told correspondents on Sunday. Another 150 nonconformists have been harmed in conflicts in different parts of Haryana.