died in clashes between arable
farmers and nomadic herdsmen
in Ivory Coast’s northeastern
town of Bouna, the government
announced Friday warning that
the toll could rise.
“During the night of 23-24
March, the situation became very
aggravated and at this stage we
have 17 people dead,” defence
ministry official Vincent Toh Bi
said on state television.
A further 39 people were injured
in the fighting, including five
members of the security forces
who intervened, he added.
Around 900 defence and
security personnel were deployed
in the town to restore order.
“This is a provisional toll. This is
a crisis. We’ll have to wait several
more hours or even several days,
to have a definitive toll,” said Toh
Violent disputes between
nomadic herders and farmers,
often over grazing and watering
rights, are not uncommon, but
such a high death toll is rare
The farmers complain that their
fields are ruined by the passage of
herds of cattle.

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