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17yr-old Libya returnee stranded in hospital after giving birth to triplets



Council boss provides succour for stranded mother of triplets

Regional Editor South South Frank Ehizojie reports that Medical workers at St Fabian Private Hospital in Igueben are stranded with a teenage Libyan Returnee who delivered triplets by C-section.
Every expectant mother longs and prays for smooth sailing journey of pregnancy that will enable her bring forth the most treasured part of her life – her baby.
For some mothers, the journey into bringing forth life is a smooth one, devoid of any complications. However, others are not as fortunate and have to endure a series of complications before they finally get to take their baby home.
This is the story of 17-year-old Priscillia Osobhaseseguwai, an Edo born Libya returnee who gave birth to a set of triplets last Monday and is now stranded in a private hospital in Igueben, Igueben Local Government Area of Edo state.
She’s been there for about two months now and has no means of providing for the babies who were born premature through surgical delivery.
Born and raised in Amedoshian, Uromi, an urban settlement in Esan North-East Local Government Area of Edo State, Priscillia went through what she described as a difficult, troubled life because of poverty.
According to her, life in Uromi where she was born was awesome. Her parents were not rich and worked extra hard to ensure that they were provided with basic necessities of life. Hence, when the opportunity came to travel to Libya for a chance in life, she followed.
She said she had to leave for Libya at such a young age because it appeared to be the only option left. There was no talk of a father throughout the interview not because one did not exist but because the man was probably not in position to provide for his family. There was no talk about Education because her mother who had to fend for the family could not afford it.

Her journey to Libya however proved fruitless and with the assistance of some people she relocated to Mali where she started living like a destitute to avoid repercussions by Law enforcement agents in that country.

“I was able to send a message across to my Mother for financial assistance to proceed to Libya but she could not afford it.”

That was when she met Ekene; a 22 years old Nigerian Trader of Ibo extraction who use to travel to Dubai to buy things for sale in Mali and Nigeria.

Just like any girl in difficulty, she accepted his proposal for a love affair that later developed into the idea of marriage.

They were still dating when she got pregnant and decided to travel back to Nigeria together to bury the late father of Ekene, and to introduce her to his parents.

The introduction in Uromi was not difficult but the one in Onitsha where she was introduced to Ekene’s mother met with stiff resistance. At that point she was pregnant but the mother of Ekene will not hear of it.

“She vowed that her son will not marry from outside Igbo land and went ahead to force her opinion on us. She destroyed the boy’s sim card containing my number.”

“At that time, Ekene travelled and said he was coming back. He never did. That is about five months ago,” She told Nigerian Weekend Pilot in tears.

“Till date, I no hear from him. I no know where he is and none of my friends and relatives see am again. I am now stranded with my babies at this age with no job.”

Her rift with the woman supposed to be her mother-in-law does not offer any prospect for her and the children

The visibly weary young mother told Nigerian Weekend Pilot that her woes assumed a new dimension she has nothing to fall back upon once she is out of hospital.

The mother of Ekene has been hostile and has successfully distanced herself from the experience.

“One day I told her to send me money dat I wan start hospital but she told me she has no money.

“The Mother live in Onitsha. The boy don travel and the Mother de tell us say him no see him pikin again. And him pikin we dey hear say e don travel. The boy been get our number before but if we come call the number now dem go say switched off. The boy sim wey our number been dey, the mother come carry am come break am.”

She said before coming to St. Fabians where she started receiving medical attention on humanitarian grounds, she had paid the sum of twenty thousand in a private hospital in Uromi called, St Theresa where she was treated and sent away when she could no longer meet other expenses required.

‘De come say make we try Otibho ( Irrua Specialist) we come reach Otibho but we no see money pay. We come come back again to Madam Theresa. Dem come say make we pay money we no see money. My Mother brother come say Him know one Doctor for here. He come call the Doctor dey beg the Doctor say him Sister pikin get belle. She wan born but she no see who go help am. Na him dem bring us come here”

The young mother said the medical team at St Fabians have been very good to her.

Some of the Nurses Doctors contributed some baby cloths, dresses and food but there’s need for more support to survive.

“I was told that one of the babies died due to lack of weight but the Doctors are doing everything possible to see that the other two survive because they were born premature”

According to Dr. Femi Yinka one of the Doctors who has been attending to the babies and their mother ; the delicate babies, one boy and a girl now weigh 1.5, and 1.6 kilos respectively, but “when they were born they weighed less than 1kilo “ and there was much anxiety about their chances of survival but they are doing well now although they still need medical attention and support to gain more weight and immunize them from the effects of poverty and socio economic pressures being faced by their inexperienced mother.”

As at yesterday when this interview was conducted, Priscillia was stuck on how she will clear her maternity bills and has been appealing to sympathizers for assistance.

“We don spend about 26 days for here now. We never pay deposit. We never pay any money. The Doctor no talk say as we no pay any money him go send us away. The Doctor de treat me and these children. Me I no de fine na suffer I de suffer. Na people de help us de give us small small money wen we de take de chop. The Doctors and Nurses for here na dem de give us money wen we de take chop. The day wen we come I no even know say na born I wan born. I think say na treatment because I no feel fine. I only tie one wrapper but the Doctor come say no problem say if I born dem go find clothes give me. Na im I say ok. Dem come do the operation come use their bedspread cover the babies.”

Following this development, the Chairman Igueben Local Government Council Hon. Engineer Josie Ogedegbe visited the facility during the week, accompanied by the Edo state Commissioner for Finance and together they made a donation of 300,000 naira to offset the bill.

In a telephone interview, the Chairman told Nigerian Weekend Pilot that “The Edo state Finance Commissioner Hon. John OsagieInegbedion, who is APC leader in Igueben Local Government Area, got wind of the Triplets and contacted me. He made 100,000 naira available and we added another 100,000 .We are paying 200,000 now to see Mother and Children discharged. The Balance 100,000 naira will be paid next week.”

He thanked the Hospital Management for the care given the Triplets before one was lost and urged men and women of goodwill to come to the assistance of the teenager.

Speaking in a similar vein, Dr. Femi appealed to good Samaritans to come to the rescue of the mother of the children saying, Priscillia will need help to settle down and look after the babies after leaving the Hospital.

“The family is in a bad situation since they cannot provide for themselves. They depend on handouts from well-wishers and without adequate intake of food the babies can end up malnourished.” He said.

To make things easy for people who want to help but don’t know how, a first bank account no 3061330983 in the name of Dr. Remi Yinka will suffice.


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