United Nations, UN, has said that over 200 million widows and their children are known to needlessly suffer from disease, illiteracy and poverty. UN General Secretary, Ban Ki-Moon, disclosed this in a press statement issued to commemorate International Widows’ Day, recently. The statement revealed that many also suffer from violence
and sexual abuse, adding that some cultures even consider widows accursed or accuse them of witchcraft. It said that women in many societies lack inheritance or property rights and become dependent on charity or even homeless once their husbands die. According to the statement, UN General Secretary Ban Ki- Moon claimed a humiliation of the human rights as long as women lose all their goods and social status because of their husbands pass away.
“Many of them also become victims of discrimination and abuse. In many western countries widows are more secured by for example a dependent’s pension or often have their own income anyway,” it stated. Nigerian Pilot Saturday gathered that International Widows’ Day occurs annually on the 23rd day of June to recognise the plight of the millions of widows across the globe that experience economic and social deprivation after losing their husbands.