A lecturer, Dr Kayode Esuola, last Monday said the dividends of democracy would elude Nigerians if politicians continued to “play politics of rancour, tribalism and sentiments. “A political culture of not playing politics by the rules of the game will further distance us from the dividends of democracy,“ Esuola, of the Department of Political Science, University of Lagos, said. Esuola in Lagos that an enlightened and politically-conscious public was necessary for democracy to become entrenched in any society. He added that democracy was a form of government that was all-inclusive and required the fullest participation of the citizenry to become meaningful. “The functionality of democratic systems cannot be alienated from the culture and peculiarity of the electorate. “A people’s political culture and way of doing things determine the kind of democratic dividends they will enjoy. “We just have to do things in politics the right way for democracy as a system of governance to serve a utilitarian purpose to us,“ he said. He said that with determination, Nigeria’s democracy would attain the level that developed democratic had reached. “Democracy takes time to become a way of life to the people. It is one political system that evolves over the years. “Advance countries in the West have been practicing democracy for centuries and are still evolving,“ he said. Esuola noted that to enhance Nigeria’s democracy, government needed to build strong public institutions to make the political system more popular.
Must we put passions aside when we deliberate about justice? Can we do so? The dominant views of deliberation rightly emphasize the importance of impartiality as a cornerstone of fair decision making, but they wrongly assume that impartiality means being disengaged and passionless. In Civil Passions, Sharon Krause argues that moral and political deliberation must incorporate passions, even as she insists on the value of impartiality. Drawing on resources ranging from Hume’s theory of moral sentiment to recent findings in neuroscience, Civil Passions breaks new ground by providing a systematic account of how passions can generate an impartial standpoint that yields binding and compelling conclusions in politics. Krause shows that the path to genuinely impartial justice in the public sphere–and ultimately to social change and political reform–runs through moral sentiment properly construed. This new account of affective but impartial judgment calls for a politics of liberal rights and democratic contestation, and it requires us to reconceived the meaning of public reason, the nature of sound deliberation, and the authority of law. By illuminating how impartiality feels, Civil Passions offers not only a truer account of how we deliberate about justice, but one that promises to engage citizens more effectively in acting for justice.
Can we play politics without being sentimental in our deliberations and view? Is God not sentimental in His decision of sovereignly choosing the nation of Israel against others and Jacob against Esau even before birth? It is natural in interpersonal and collective engagements the self-interest is in-thing and gives capacity to make decisive and choices that are most likely, first beneficial to you before corporate interest. So what is wrong if one or group of persons assert that in the context of the regional or ethnic politics being played in Nigeria over the years, that they insist the south south geopolitical zone in keeping with the constitutional requirements of two tenure/terms of office for the presidential office that President Jonathan Goodluck is qualified like any other person from other sections of Nigeria to contest is it not normal. In my think it is normal in the context of what the minority states/region and most importantly Niger delta generates 80% of the accrue revenue that sustain the Nigeria Sate be allowed to complete this privilege second tenure under God. I posit that the fair thing to do to serve the interest of all in the Nigeria State is to allow and cooperate with each other and allow the opportunity due each to govern the state so as to enthrone stability, order and peace in the polity without recourse to rancor, acrimony and violence as is the case these days.
The current happenings of PDP split and the congregation of aggrieved persons from different parties to form APC is not new or do they differ in ideology and programs but a fight of interest from the same sentiments. If the North is giving the power today will they relinquish it after a term of governance? If the power drunk Alhaji Abubakar Atiku is giving the opportunity to be President, will he serve only one term? If he will what drove him to resist and was sabotaging the leadership of former President Obasanjo after his first term? All should now see it is not good to hand on to power beyond constitutional agreed tenure. It corrupts and reduced credibility. Some northern politicians are agitating for return of power because of selfish interest not in the interest of the masses in the North. If it was of the many years of military and civil rule that they held on to power were they able to develop the North? They only breed religious bigotry and Boko Haram insurgence with attending effect of their economy in the ruin and their people mostly uneducated and poor. They don’t want a South South to continue in the person of President Jonathan hence they created Boko Haram now attempting to split the ruling party so as to destroy the possibility of President Jonathan running for second term and demanding a condition to peace and reconciliation in PDP is the President must not run.
Their deception and betrayal is now in the open. Governor Amaechi who has been deaf to all appeal/reasoning from the Elders and people of South-South zone can now see the mess he has allowed himself to be used on the altar of parochialism to enthrone. All he did well in his second term have been rubbished by this single act of betrayal. He won’t listen because he is bound for destruction. Read stories of all betrayals in the Bible how they end. I hope his pastors and chains of prophets who prophesied him into office will let him know this truth that the same God who enthroned him is the one his backsliding heart is fighting. And l dare say as a Servant of the Most High God, it won’t be long if Governor Amaechi refuses to retrace his steps and reconcile with President Jonathan Goodluck without any precondition to the President, the God that enthroned President Jonathan Goodluck against the wishes of Northern oligarchy and all tribal/religious bias and opposition that gave south south the opportunity will fight you and remove you from power. It is not Barr. Nyesom Wike per se, it is God you are fighting. Anybody can be used in this fight including me. That is why l urge and call on all Priests/Prophets/Pastors not just pray but prophesy the sustenance of President Jonathan Goodluck continual and successful re-election come 2015 and the dethronement of every forces of evil and betrayals from henceforth unless such persons/group of persons repent. No other ethnic group should allow President Jonathan Goodluck to be destabilized from governance or stop his second term bid less we unconsciously enthrone anarchy and disintegration of the Nigeria nation. God bless and keep Nigeria in peace. Have question you may call: 08033399821 or write [email protected] Stay blessed.

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Dr. Akpogena, a Christian devotional writer/minister, is an Education Management and Media Consultant in Port Harcourt

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