National Chairman of the All progressives Congress, APC, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun has said that Nigerians should expect more alterations on the controversial 2016 budget if the need arises.
Chief Odigie-Oyegun disclosed this during a press interaction, Monday, at the party’s national secretariat, Abuja.
“About the budget, again another over played issue; totally over played – the budget was never missing. The main document was totally intact.
“In the circumstance in which they were done, there were likely to be a few corrections to be made in the process. All that Mr. President presented was the corrections that at this point in time were thought necessary.
“There might still be more corrections as the process goes through the House. So, we have an active opposition and so they took the opportunity to take a bash at government. That was precisely what happened.”
On the Kogi conundrum, Chief Oyegun said that the party was prepared for whatever contingency that may come from there, adding that as a party, it took the most sensible option.
“As a party we have prepared for every possible contingency in the Kogi situation, so whatever happens in the next few hours, we are ready for it. There is no question and doubt about that.
“I don’t want to go into the details of what is likely going to happen, that is still between INEC and legal authorities.
“Just rest confidently, it is sometimes good to be expecting what is going to happen, keep your gun powder dry and watch.”
The national chairman admitted the fact that the party is broke and needs urgent funding but the party would not be funded from security votes.
“On Funding of the party, there has been this talk in the media but that goes to tell you that just like the economy, the party too is suffering from the stresses and strains of funding just like every institution in our polity.
“That also goes to tell you that we are not a party that withdraws money from security votes or from any government agency. We are working on plans to raise money from within the memberships. That plan has matured and will soon put it into operation.
“ I saw reports to that effect, that we have written to the president to rescue the party. That is not part of his national duties and he has no intention because there are no funds for which he can draw.
The party has to come up with fresh and innovative ways as to how to raise resources for its operations and that, we have done. The plan is ready and will go into operation in the next one month or two.”
On the perception that the fight against corruption is targeted against the opposition, and whether former President Goodluck Jonathan would be invited by the anti-graft agencies, chief Oyegun said such perception was simply to divert attention and the issue of Jonathan is left for the anti corruption agencies.
“People said it was only PDP that this government is probing but for sixteen years, PDP was in control, are you going to come and arrest me in Benin over contract issues when I was not in any way near government?
“Let me say this clearly, if we want to clean this country, then we must be serious about it, wherever the trail goes, we must be ready to go there, all these attempt to divert attention from the reality will not just work.
“The mere fact that the current leader is investigating what happened before its time, is a clear indication that it is most likely to repeat the same mistake as the next government will investigate the current administration too. We must be ready to put up with the inconveniences.
“When this prominent people start to make diversionary statements, I just laugh because this is not the time for this, we are investigating yesterday, let tomorrow investigate us, that is how this country will get out of this rots.”
On whether Jonathan should be called for questioning, he said “it is not my job, it is the job of EFCC, wherever the trail leads to, so be it.”