A Man of God saw One Million Prophecies in the Spiritual realm for Africa.
His name is Joseph Esenowo. He downloaded thousands of them and has written
1000 of the Prophecies in His Book titled “THE FUTURE OF NIGERIA, AFRICA
AND BLACKS WORLDWIDE aka The Fraud Article.” These are things that will
come to pass in this Century. They are written to put the Blacks on the
right path so that they can manifest their Destiny. Here are 12 Prophecies
from the Part 1 of the Book:

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1. Nigeria is the next World Power.
2. Africa shall overtake Europe.
3. The best Aircrafts will be produced in Africa. (South East Nigeria and
South West Nigeria will be competing with each other in this).
4. People shall go to Space (the Moon and other Planets) from their houses
in Africa.
5. Children will fly Aircrafts in this age because of technology from
6. Nigeria will have Female Presidents.
7. Blacks shall become Presidents in White Nations, especially in Europe.
8. America will have more Black Presidents.
9. Borno will be more beautiful than Dubai.
10. African Nations will be winning the World Cup in Football to a point
where Nigeria and Cameroon become contemporaries in this.
11. Hip Hop Music in Nigeria will become the best in the whole World.
12. The Cure for AIDS will be discovered in Africa by Africans.

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