Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, said that the All Progressives Congress, APC, will go extinct in 2019 if the party fails to deliver its promises to the masses.
The Speaker said unless the party rises to the occasion and delivers its promise of change; it will be difficult to convince Nigerians that it is different from the former ruling party which was severally accused of misappropriating the common wealth of the people.
Speaking when a delegation from Delta State chapter of the party visited him, Dogara noted that nothing could sell the party faster and wider than providing tools of empowerment for Nigerians to thrive in their businesses and daily lives through the provision of infrastructure and other needs as promised by the party.
“We know that rebuilding infrastructure is key because only free, empowered citizens can actually contribute in a democracy. That is what democracy is all about, freedom to pursue happiness and how do you pursue happiness when you do not have the tools to do that?
“If APC is able to surmount these challenges, if we are able to find pathways through them and Nigerians can see not only the visions that we have articulated but how we have also been able to deliver on these, we would have risen the status of this party to a level where we can take the centre stage and still take all the other states that we don’t have control over right now,” a statement signed by Turaki Hassan said.
He assured that when the 2016 budget was signed, Nigerians will see clearly, the visions, the programmes that are articulated and what has been appropriated to deliver on the change mandate.