……Why party shifted convention to next year.


A seeming catalog of apprehension is beveling the ruling All Progressives’ Congress, APC,

The fears are linked to her fortunes in the 2019 general elections.

Outside the party’s dismal performance owing to several factors, which among them was the prolonged ill health of President, MuhhamaduBuhari, his inability to appoint ministers and an economic team in record time led the country to recession and continued hardship for the populace who in turn have tagged his government as incompetent, a consequence that could affect APC in 2019 presidential elections.

While that leg of the anxiety is livid, funds are said to be a challenge to host a national convention. The party is broke as the states governors it controls.

The state’s chief executive officers are said not to be willing to fund the party, essentially when most of them are debtor states. And going with the whistle blowing policy, most of the governors fear that any money donated to the party may be blown open by labor movements in their states who are serving as watchdogs and whistle blowers to the profligacy or otherwise of their state governors.


However, a source close to the party told the Nigerian Pilot  that the party has major logistic problems and was working on ways to come out of it and hold the convention sometime early next year.

”APC is having logistics problems. “The convention won’t come up this year again, early next year probably” the party’s chieftain confided in this paper.

He noted that the party was finding it difficult to survive in spite of the fact that they were in government.


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“APC is finding it difficult to survive. It is broke. They cannot finance the party in spite they are in government” he noted further

Be that as it may, party insiders said that the recent exit of former vice president AtikuAbubakar from the APC and many more defection that will come ahead of 2019, coupled with the many blocks, faction now in the party are worries plaguing the ruling party.

The source listed the Buhari faction led by Kaduna governor, Nasir El Rufai, the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu group, the Senate President, BukolaSaraki, which has Atiku who just ditched the party: The various APC state governors with their tiny component groups.

The emerging new groups who are those that are aggrieved arising from promises not fulfilled and dashed aspirations. These factions complain that they were used and dumped after the party won in 2015. According to a reliable source, it is this vulnerable group that the party is afraid may spill the bean hence the foot-dragging over a national convention.

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According to a political analyst who spoke weekend on the issues, he said on the contrary that it wasn’t funds to conduct the party’s national convention that was a challenge to the APC but that the fear was that of the unknown. “The fear of the unknown has compelled APC not to hold its national convention,   EmmanuelAnene said in Abuja.

He stated that the APC was bedeviled by ripples of crisis which will manifest glaringly during its national convention. “It is not money that is disturbing the APC convention but 2019” he said,’’

Adding that “if they hold their convention, you will see ripples of crises”