MAJOR streets of Abuja were
on Thursday adorned with
campaign posters endorsing
President Muhammadu Buhari
and Vice President Yemi
Osinbajo for reelection in 2019.
The posters were pasted on
structures located on major
streets as well as bus shelters.
The posters also has the
picture of “Comrade Felix
Ubokan”, with the words: “ We
endorse you for 2019: Courtesy:
Niger Delta Youths, Women
and Security Movement For
The posters are coming
less than 24 hours after a
former governor of Lagos
state, Bola Tinubu, said he
had ”absolute confidence
and was exceedingly proud
of the excellent job, Professor
Osinbajo is doing as Vice
President of Nigeria.”
Tinubu’s statement was in
reaction to speculation that he
may be picked by Mr. Buhari
as his running mate in 2019.
The APC national leader said
a report to that effect by SUN
newspaper is a “classic case of
utterly and irredeemably-fake
Osinbajo has so far not made
any comment regarding the
2019 election or his fate if the
president chooses to seek reelection.
That, however, is not
the case with Buhari.
He has so far tacitly shown
on two occasions that he may
be seeking reelection in 2019.
Addressing a group of
Nigerians resident in Cote
D’ Ivoire penultimate week,
Buhari said he arrived the
meeting late because he had
to wait for the two governors
in his entourage, Udom
Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom
and Mohammed Abubakar of
Bauchi states.
“This is why I came along
with them so that when we
are going to meet you, when
you are going to meet the rest
of Nigerians, if you tell them
that their governors were in
the company of the president,
I think that will be another
vote for me in the future,” Mr.
Buhari said.
Tinubu also accompanied
him on that trip.
Buhari while in Kano last
week also revealed that he may
At a State Banquet in his
honour, the president said, “I
know the elections (2019). If
they are to be free and fair, if it
is a question of numbers, if it is
a question of allowing people
to make their choice, then I
think the people of Kano are in
my pocket…I am overwhelmed
by the reception the people
of Kano offered to me. This
has indicated that I can still
win an election in Kano. The
people of Kano are aware of
the tremendous job we did on
security and agriculture.”

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