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2019 elections: Crisis tears APC leaders apart in Oyo



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The outcome of the results of elections conducted in both 23th of February and 9th of March 2019 had torn the All Progressives Congress APC apart in Oyo State as one of the party’s chieftain, Mr Iyun Olugbenga Adedeji has expressed fear over alleged misunderstanding with some of his party members after the loss of the ruling party in the election.

The politician, in a statement he signed, said since the defeat of the party in the election, he and some leaders of the party had been embroiled in heated controversy over the party’s electoral defeat.

According Olugbenga Iyun, a leader of the party in Ido Local Government Area, before the election the party had mandated him to ensure that he delivered his ward to the party.
“Unfortunately, the PDP had put all machinery in motion to win the local government. I tried all I could, but it amounted to nothing as the party suffered a heavy defeat in the local government.
“Since then, I have been a target of the party leaders accusing me of failing to deliver the ward and local government for the party.

“I have been running from one place to the other for my safety. If they eventually get me, I don’t know what will happen to me,” Iyun said.

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