NATIONAL President of Middle
Belt Youth Forum, Comrade Pius
Attah, has said that the region
would vehemently resist any
attempt by their counterparts
in the far north to thwarts
the chances of former Senate
President, David Mark from
contesting the 2019 presidential
He noted that the Middle
Belt, which comprises of the
North Central geopolitical
zone has suffered neglects and
marginalization with recent
released of political appointees
by the presidency.
Comrade Attah stated this
yesterday during a press
conference in Jos and insisted
that the Middle Belt should be
given the chance in the north to
produce president in 2019.
“We in the Middle Belt

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are suffering political
marginalization from our
counterparts in the far north.
This is evident with the recent
released of list of political
appointees by the presidency
and the region has the least
among other geopolitical zones
in the country.
“We have been supportive
to political ambition of other
geopolitical zones and we have
made several civilian president
but we have never produce one.
It is on this account that youths in
the Middle Belt after consultation
with the elders, women and
some political stakeholders
decided to endorsed Senator
David Mark to contest the 2019
presidential election.
“We will resist any attempt
by anybody from the far north
to thwarts this ambition, it is
time for us in the Middle Belt
to give Nigeria a president that
will unit and address issues of
marginalization and nepotism in
the country.”
He stressed that when the
north is looking for vote during
election, they assume that the
19 northern states are together
but when it come to political
appointment and what will
benefit the region, the Middle
Belt is neglected after labouring.
He called on youths in the
South-South, South-East, South-
West and North East who has
not also produce President
in the country to support the
presidential ambition of the
Middle Belt in North Central so
that they will also support them
when they indicated interest.
Comrade Attah expressed
disappointment with President
Buhari for his in ability to address
the Fulani/herdsmen clashes in
Benue and Plateau State where
several lives have lost.

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  • Bako

    The formula is simple. Put presidential candidates in all the main political parties and set your own political party. If your candidates emerge in the main political parties, them let all others join hands with that one to secure support and victory. If they do not pick the presidential ticket of any of the big parties, then the candidate of your own political party is consistently voted for till the season when others shall turn to yours truly for leadership. This is how every dog gets its turn. it is by ardently pursuing personal interest of the zone and nothing else. Strategically you work with other marginalised zones to get support.