Stakeholders from the Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP, in Kogi State held
an emergency meeting in Abuja over the
weekend with a resolution to do everything
within their power to wrest governance
from the ruling All Progressives Congress,
APC-led administration in the state.
At a meeting attended by the Senator
representing Kogi East, Atai Aidoko and
Elder Friday Sani Makama representing
Igalamela/Odolu constituency in Kogi
House of Assembly, among other top officials
from the party and previous administrations
in Kogi State said with the PDP’s internal
crisis ended with the declaration of Ahmed
Makarfi as the authentic leader of the party,
the coast was now clear for the party to take
over the machinery of government with
the support of Kogites in 2019. They said
unity which was lacking among them has
been restored with the Supreme Court’s
verdict. The stakeholders, who were made
mainly of youths of the party in a statement
read by Moses Amato, interim chairman
of the Consolidation Movement, declared
among other things, unequivocal restoration
of internal democracy in the party; full
participation of youths in decisions to
produce all elective positions and compliance
with the party’s constitution. The meeting
also demanded full implementation of the
PDP Elders’ Council Resolution on zoning
arrangement and demand for leadership to
commence immediate party meetings; full
compliance with the party’s constitution
and full implementation of the PDP Elders’
Council Resolution on zoning arrangement.
Amato said the governance of Kogi State
today leaves much to be desired and said
“it is clear to the PDP youths that the APCled
government in Kogi state has failed
and should resign honourably or in the
alternative, a state of emergency should be
declared since there are justifications for it as
it stands currently in Kogi state” as nothing
seems to be working in the state, especially
with the breakdown of law and order,
and reign of impunity. Senator Aidoko
representing Kogi East commended those
who initiated the meeting and said it could
not have come at a better time than now,
stressing that everything that was legitimate
should be done to restore PDP to power. He
said it was because of the importance he
attached to the programme that he jettisoned
his other arrangements to be at the event
adding that the meeting could not have
come at a better time.
Elder Makama said with the PDP resolving
its legal tussle over the control of the party
machinery at the national level, the sky was
the limit for the party in its quest to oust
Alhaji Yahay Bello’s administration through
the ballot box. He said his belief in PDP
made him to dress in the party’s attire on the
judgment day to the Supreme Court, and he
left the court with sense of fulfillment and
joy after the verdict at the court in favour of
He described judiciary as indeed the last
hope of the common man, adding that “even
though Yahaya Bello has disappointed many
of us, the youths especially in his below par
performance, the youth can still be given
another chance to govern Kogi and would
live up to expectation. He urged the people
of the state not to despair that there are more
committed and God-fearing youths who can
perform better as governors of the state if
given the chance.
Elder Makama appealed to those who
left the party for one reason or the other to
return so that collectively they could make
PDP great again.
He described Nigeria as a country at
crossroads, stressing that with Nigerians
experiencing APC’s poor management of
the economy and mis-governance in many
areas, they have no choice but to work to
return PDP to power.