PDP crisis: Modu Sheriff disowns peace deal
Senator Modu Sheriff

In a move to re position the Peoples Democratic Party for the next general elections, the party Friday said the election of its presidential candidate and others into elective office would be done from the ward level and not at one fell swoop national convention.

National Publicity Secretary of the Party, Olisa Metuh who disclosed this he grant audience the former chairman of the National Patriotic Party of Ghana, Peter Mac Manu at the party’s national secretariat said the elections would be done through open balloting. “We intend to elect our presidential candidate starting from Ward level. We are going to apply Option A4 in electing our presidential candidates. It is not going to be restricted to presidential election but others like governorship, senatorial, House of Representatives and all, everybody would be elected from the ward level. “People would have to queue up behind the candidates of their choice. This proposed amendments have been sent to the state chapters for their inputs in line with our desire to have peoples opinion. “”We are going to change our system to be that our presidential candidate would be voted for by all party members in the country.

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It would done at the ward level, we would no longer elect presidential candidate at the national convention. It would now be for every party member to vote for whoever would be our presidential candidate. Whoever would vie for our presidential ticket, would have to tour the entire country before he can be elected.

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