DOMESTIC airlines
operating in Nigeria
delayed an average of
89 flights daily between
July and September 2017,
according to official figures.
This implies that at least
three flights were delayed
every hour by domestic
airlines every day for those
three months.
The airlines recorded
8,173 cases of delayed
flights between July and
September this year.
The information was
contained in a report
released by the Consumer
Protection Unit of the
Nigerian Civil Aviation
Authority in Ikeja,
The report showed
that 13,255 flights were
operated by eight airlines
during the period with 96
flights cancelled for various
It listed the airlines
involved in the flight
operations as Aero
Contractors, Arik Air, Air
Peace, Azman Air, Dana
Air, First Nation, Med-View
and Overland Airways.
The report said Air Peace,

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which operated 3,811
flights, topped the chart of
delayed flights with 2,166
and five cancelled flights.
According to the report,
Arik Air followed with
2,057 delayed flights and 32
cancellations out of its 3,285
flight services in the period.
The report said Dana Air
operated 1,762 flights with
1,079 cases of delayed flights
and five cancellations.
Med-View Airline
recorded 986, seven delayed
and cancelled flights,
respectively out of the 1,394
flights operated by the
airline during the period.
Azman Air operated 1,127
flights with 712 delayed
and 16 cancellations, while
Overland operated 542
flights with 391 delayed
and seven cancellations.
First Nation Airways had
239 flights with 98 delayed
and three cancellations.
The airlines blamed the
delays and cancellations on
operational reasons, high
cost of aviation fuel and
inadequate navigational
aids at many airports in the

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