…for drug related offences

DESPITE the United Nations, UN’s displeasure over planned executions of 14 drug convicts, including Nigerian, Zimbabwean, Pakistani and Senegali nationals, Indonesia yesterday executed one local and three Nigerian drug convicts by firing squad, an official said. UN, in a statement lamented that “the increasing use of the death penalty in Indonesia is terribly worrying, and urged the government to immediately end the practice, which it said “is unjust and incompatible with human rights.” The statement said “the death penalty is not an effective deterrent relative to other forms of punishment nor does it protect people from drug abuse.”
Indonesia’s deputy attorney general for general crimes, Noor Rachmad, however confirmed to reporters yesterday that the convicts were put to death shortly after midnight. He did not say why 10 other drug convicts, who had been expected to face the firing squad, were not executed, although the island where the convicts were being put to death was hit by a major storm as the executions took place. He said, “The executions were for now conducted on four convicts on death row. This is not a fun job. For us, this is really a sad job because it involves people’s lives. This was done not in order to take lives but to stop evil intentions, and the evil act of drug trafficking.”

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