FORMER Speaker of Plateau
State House of Assembly, Hon.
George Daika, has advised
National Chairman of National
Rescue Movement, Senator
Saidu Mohammed Dansadau to
avoid efforts to rewrite history
or obliterate public knowledge
or record in order to score a
political point.
Reacting to Dansadau’s claims
that Atiku didn’t contribute to
the defeat of the Third Agenda
of former President Obasanjo,
the former Speaker of Plateau State House of Assembly,
reminded the Zamfara Senator
that the defeat of the project was
the outcome of the efforts of
forces both within and outside
the National Assembly.
According to a statement
issues by Hon. Daika, “Obasanjo
didn’t move against Atiku and
vowed to torpedo his political
ambition because of the so-called
corruption, but did so because
of the role of Atiku in joining the
broad national coalition to stop
the removal of constitutional
term limits to make Obasanjo
life President.”
Hon. Daika explained that
since the collapse of the Third
term project in 2006, Obasanjo
has singled out Atiku for
persecution, adding that
the former President didn’t
believe Dansadau played more
significant role in defeating
Third term than Atiku did.
The former Plateau lawmaker
reminded Dansadau of the fact
Atiku suffered more persecution
than any politician ever
connected with the defeat of the
Third term project.
He said that if Atiku didn’t
play any role in the collapse the
Third Term agenda, Obasanjo
would not have accused
the former Vice President of
He explained that Atiku’s
role was not betrayal as
portrayed because he only
supported the need to preserve
the sanctity of the constitution
on term limits in defense of
Nigeria’s democracy.
Daika therefore, explained
that, while Dansadau is
entitled to his opinion, he is
not entitled to rewrite history
to suit his own political

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