President of the Nigeria Football Coaches Association, Bitrus Bewarang has declared that Nigerian coaches are dying in penury out of frustration and failure to earn their emoluments from their duties at both clubs and national levels.
“Some powerful people do not like to see Nigerian coaches paid for their selfish interest. A labourer deserves his wages and doesn’t need to go through pains and humiliation,’’ began Bewarang in an exclusive interview with Nigerian Pilot Sports on Monday.
‘’When I said recently that 75% of Nigerian coaches are prone to hypertension, I was only being modest. We are not rejoicing over the death of two of our foremost members but I’m sure God is trying to raise the consciousness of Nigerians over the plight of football coaches owed huge sums of money, long after their disengagements.
Bewarang who is the immediate past General Manager/Technical Director of Plateau United FC of Jos insisted that coaches should be treated fairly after discharging their contractual obligation in order to curb the unfortunate incident of sudden deaths.
The seasoned tactician said sustained effort by the coaches association in conjunction with the Players Union and the Nigeria Labour Congress has not yielded the required divident because clubs owners have manipulated the process even when players and coaches have been handed favourable rulings by arbitration panels.
“We are simply helpless. Arbitration gives directives and authoritives will not comply and the League Management Company has not done well in enforcing compliance.’’