The much awaited $300m mega-fight between Philippine’s hit man, Manny Pacquiao and undisputed America Floyd Mayweather take the centre stage today in Las Vegas as the whole world looks forward to see who emerges the new champion.
Pacquiao says for him to come out victorious in today’s fight, he must be a warrior in the ring, bringing a never-say-die attitude to each round at the MGM Grand Garden Arena Pacquiao said, ‘I have to fight like it is the last fight of my life.’
For Mayweather, ‘It is like my life. I do not regret being flash and brash when I was young. Now I am getting very close to the big 4-0. He is 38 and I can be more mature. For example, I have nothing negative to say about Manny Pacquiao.
He is a good fighter. I cannot say if he will be the best, I have faced until we fight on Saturday (today) night. Members of our team say things but not us. We will just fight, do our business.’
The undefeated American said that Pacquiao would be trying the same game plan that 47 others have failed to implement and that will stretch my unbeaten run.
“Everybody’s game plan is to come forward and throw lots of punches. It has not worked in 19 years and 47 fights. Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, was in De La Hoya’s corner in 2007 when De La Hoya won most of the early rounds before fading and dropping a decision to Mayweather.
However, the Filipino has been said to be the underdog for the mega-fight in Las Vegas, which has been billed as the biggest sporting event in history with two of the best pound-for-pound fighters of all time facing off.
“I need to fight every round like each one is the last round of my life.’’ Pacman said.
Pacquiao also promised fans, who have been waiting for the Mayweather showdown for half a decade, that it will be ‘worth the wait’ and spoke about his confidence going into the fight.
He added, “If the opportunity to knock Floyd out presents itself, I will take advantage of it. “I know what it will take to beat Floyd, I will leave no doubt that I won on May 2.
‘That is the Manny Pacquiao that Floyd will face on May 2. It is time for Floyd to lose.’
Many boxing pundits believe today’s fight is going to be more exciting than five years ago because both guys are not as agile on their feet, but for De La Hoya, Mayweather has lost a step or two with his legs and so has Pacquiao. However, he believes that the fight with more agility and skills will carry the day in Las Vegas.
Mayweather is unbeaten in 47 fights, has 10 world titles and five divisional crowns.
Pacquiao is not only fighting for the unified world welterweight championship, supremacy over Floyd Mayweather and upwards of $120 million neither is he just raising his hands in a quest for the Holy Grail of boxing, that mythical title of greatest pound-for-pound fighter on planet Earth. Today at the MGM Grand Garden Arena the Pacman is fighting for the Presidency of the Philippines.
Ricky Hatton, a boxer is of the opinion that Pacquiao could beat Floyd Mayweather with one arm behind his back even as Floyd Mayweather Snr has backed his son to beat Manny Pacquiao comfortably, but said he wants him to hang up his gloves afterwards.
Today’s showdown will take place in Las Vegas at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

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