Floyd Mayweather Jnr recalls the reaction of his friends on the day he set himself up as an independent boxing business and told them: ‘The time will come when I make a hundred million dollars in one night.’
He says: ‘They told me I was crazy.’
That was when he broke away from Bob Arum, who is the promoter of the other combatant in the richest fight of all time.
Manny Pacquiao will also earn more than $100million in Las Vegas on May 2.
But Mayweather takes special pride in being his own boss as they break the boxing bank.
Mayweather arrived, somewhat on the late side, in his new, state-of-the-art, very expensive Mercedes Party Bus. He was preceded into the parking lot by his latest girlfriend driving an even costlier white Rolls Bentley coupe.
The rest of the super-charged fleet stayed home in the mansion’s garage.
Floyd was followed to work by an LAPD police car. Only this time they were not chasing the man who has had his run-ins with the law. They were guarding one of the most important assets of the city of Las Vegas, which stands to profit by billions in big fight week.
All in the timing.
‘This thing just grows and grows,’ says Mayweather. ‘We now have one of the biggest fights ever in boxing history. And its not only about the money.
‘One fight won’t define my legacy. What about the 47 I’ve already won?
‘It’s an important fight. It wraps everything together – the money and my boxing.
‘But if one fight defined everything this would be the only one I’d have needed.’
And after this, he says, there will be only one more.
Because it no longer amuses him like it did.
‘I’m pretty much done with all this,’ he tells a few of us summoned into a pocket in the middle of a crowd of people and cameras huge enough to do justice to a royal wedding.
‘It’s not fun like it was back then,’ he explains. ‘It’s business now. I don’t really enjoy it any longer.’
He promises to fulfil the sixth and last fight of his mega-millions Showtime pay-per-view contract: ‘Final one at the MGM Grand in September.’

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