continues to trail the recall and
double promotion given to the
controversial pension probe
boss, over 400 aggreieved
serving Deputy Directors in
the Federal Civil Service have
sent petitions to President
Muhammadu Buhari over
denial of promotions to the
position of Directors in line
with extant civil service rules.
The complaints of the
agreived deputy directors who
are operatingf under the aegis
of Concerned Deputy Directors,
(Administration) was contained
in separate petitions dated
2nd February, 2017 and 19th
May, 2017 addressed to the
Chairman, Federal Civil Service
Commission (FCSC); Acting
President Yemi Osinbajo; House
of Representatives’ Committeee
on Public Service Matters;
Chairman Senate Committee
on Establishment and Public
Service and Secretary, Council
of Retired Federal Permanent
Secretaries (CORFEPS).
Copy of the petitions were
also sent to President Buhari for
his inyervention.
According to the letter,
the “Deputy Directors
(Administration) were
promoted last in 2011, 2012
and 2013 and have matured to
be considered for promotion
to the post of Directors
(Administration) in years 2015,
2016 and 2017 but have not been

given the opportunity to sit for
the examination as a result of a
lingering crisis are constrained
to invite the National Assembly
for quick intervention.
The affected public servants
who denied knowledge of the
litigation filed by six petitioners
who dragged the Head of
Civil Service of the Federation
and Federal Civil Service
Commission before the National
Industrial Court, Abuja, noted
that “most of the aggrieved
officers have retired from the
Federal Civil Service.”
“You may wish to note
further that Court graciously
gave the contending parties the
opportunity for an out-of-court
settlement. Unfortunately three
years after, the parties are yet to
arrive at an amicable resolution.
“We are fully persuaded that
this Court order can be genuinely
and appropriately utilized if the
parties in the litigation adopt ‘a
win-win’ approach to resolve the
impasse. Notwithstanding the
fact that, most of the aggrieved
offivers have retired from the
Federal Civil Service, a reliance
on precedence can be adopted to
promote those who have merit
amongst them.
“We are compelled to bring
to the fore the three critical and
negative effects that the inability
of the administrative cadre to
write examinations has brought
to bear on the officers and to
plead on means of resolving the
issue in the public interest.
“These are: the continued

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suspension of the promotion
examination for Administrative
Officers on SGL16 to SGL17 for
the third time consecutively
based on the Court Order
to settle out-of-Court has
unwittingly collapsed the
Administrative Cadre in the
Federal Civil Service.
“It is our conviction that
this will definitely amount to
travesty of justice for those of us
who were abi-nitio not involved
in the ongoing litigation to
continue to suffer denials of not
being availed the opportunity to
sit for the competitve promotion
examination as and when due
(2025, 2016, 2017 and only God
knows when the case would be
“The continued delay and
frustration in allowing officers
in the Administrative Cadre
to rise to SGL 17 as prescribed
in the schemes of service and
others, adversely affect the
growth and due contributions
to nation building. Where this
lingers beyond year 2017 which
to us is already too long, and
no doubt send wrong signals to
the observing public and will
degenerate to Service inability to
attract and retain Nigerians who
opt to pursue career in Federal
Civil Service will sincerely
choose the Civil Service as a
career to come in at the entry
“It is our passionate plea
that the Federal Civil Service
Commission should urgently
consider the plight of officers in

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the Cadre who have been and
are still being stagnated since
2015 to expeditiously seek
means of resolving the matter
amicably in the interest of the
“In the light of the foregoing,
we humbly appeal for the
extension of the scheduled
promotion examination
should this matter in Court
not be resolved early,” the
petitioners urged.
In a related development,
the Group also prayed the
NIC to “vacate its provisiinal
order because equity is not
on the side of the indolent. In
the circumstance, the Court
advised the aggrived party
in the litigation to settle out
of court to which they were
“We had thought that all
these moves would serve the
dual purpose of saving our
careers and the future of the
entire Federal Civil Service.
By so doing and devoid of any
other known line of action,
have exhausted all the avenues
for resolving the matter,” the
petitioners observed.
Speaking on the
develop$ment, the Deputy
Director Press, of the Federal
Civil Service Commission, Dr
Joel Oruche confirmed the
development but said that the
matter was before a court of
competent jurisdiction and as
such he could not comment
on it untill he sought for

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