Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria-Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health, PSN-PACFaH said, pneumonia and diarrhea are child killer disease that claims about 400,000 lives of children under the age of five in Nigeria, especially in the northern part of the country.
The group said pneumonia and diarrhea are second and third to malaria, which is the first child killer disease, hence the need for stakeholders, particularly the government to rise up with the view to nipping it in the bud.
The Society made this known at the weekend in Kaduna during a one-day policy dialogue with key stakeholders in health sector in the state, aimed at brainstorming on how to reduce child mortality rate from three to single digit as obtainable in developed countries and some African countries.
The Programme Director of PSN, Remi Adeseun, who briefed newsmen shortly after the meeting, decried the poor level of awareness and treatment of pneumonia, adding that his team was in Kaduna to see how child killer diseases, particularly pneumonia and diarrhea could be reduced through the appropriate treatment with to helping the Nigerian government.
According to PSN-PACFaH, “2013 report showed over 1.5million death of children under 5 years old caused by pneumonia and diarrhea. That same year in Nigeria, we had 200,000 death from pneumonia and 177,000, arising from diarrhea, which has even currently. So, about 400,000 children Nigerian do not live to celebrate their five years old birthday.
“Nurses, Doctors and Pharmacists from across Kaduna have come together to deliberate on how we can improve the health status, especially that of Kaduna children. Kaduna has unenviable position like many other states in Nigeria, of having triple digit under five mortality rate, meaning about 185 children out of every 1,000 children born will not leave to see their 5 years birthday; which is unacceptable.
“At national average, the figure is about 128. That is rather too high because we have African countries that have just about 15 and about 3-5 in developed countries.
“We want Kaduna State government and relevant stakeholders in the ministry of health to work together to see how we can improve our health status through the appropriate treatment of child killer diseases.

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