Central Bank of Nigeria. CBN, has estimated the number of customers that registered in the bank verification numbers, BVN at 40 million.
In a statement yesterday, the apex bank disclosed that there has been less pressure in banking halls across the country among those seeking to do the registration, which goes to buttress the fact that the response in the exercise is encouraging.
CBN, however, disclosed that statistics from the Nigeria Inter-Bank
Settlement System Plc NIBSS show that 20,833,635 bank customers have enrolled as at October 25, 2015.
Following the huge turnout for the exercise, the apex bank asserted that a greater percentage of account holders have been enrolled in the mandatory registration. Despite the success, CBN said that what is left therefore is for the remaining account holders to get their accounts linked to BVN.
“Given the tradition of multiple accounts holding by an average Nigerian, which could be conservatively estimated at about 2 or 3 per an account holder, therefore, it could be safely assumed that over 40 million accounts might have been enrolled to BVN,” it stated.
The statement also disclosed that Nigerian banks’ customers in the Diaspora have taken advantage of more facilities provided for enrolment in more locations abroad.
CBN also debunked the insinuations going on in some quarters that 32 million accounts have been unable to do the registration although, admitted that some customers are yet to link all their accounts to their BVN.
“The point needs to be stressed here is that it is not enough to just enrol for BVN. The process is duly concluded only when all accounts owned by a bank customer are linked to his or her BVN.”
“From the foregoing, it becomes clear that the insinuation of about 32 million accounts holders yet to enrol was simply a misrepresentation that fails to take into consideration the multiple accounts holding habit of most Nigerians.”
The apex bank also declared that if anyone has not enrolled for BVN, it cannot be attributed to lack of facilities, but out of his/her individual volition and that by all indications, it can be safely said that the BNV exercise by the Bankers’ Committee in collaboration with the CBN has proved rather successful and insist that there will be no going on the deadline.
CBN in collaboration with the Bankers’ Committee introduced the BVN on February 14, 2014. This initiative of the Bankers’ Committee is aimed at ensuring unique identity for all bank customers and other users of financial services in the country by the use of the customers’ biometrics as means of identification.