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67 million initiatives: Youths demand good governance



Commissioner of Budget and Planning Kaduna state Muhammed Sani Abdullahi has said that governance in the country today require people with vision of quality developmental projects and governance. He made this known in Abuja yesterday during the launch of the 67 million youth initiatives group in Abuja. According to him, “we want people who can improve the quality of governance.

We will announce the full data base of those who are rubbing and actively campaign for them. As we go into the 2019 election we look at people that share the same vision particularly young people that would run for offices. From my state we have about 15 people, three in Anambra and six also in Lagos state.”

Speaking at the occasion, Cross Rivers state Commissioner for Finance Asquo Ekpenyong said that there is disconnect between leadership and the expectation from the Nigerian population and the only way to bridge it is finding a way to challenge the abnormality through youth involvement. “We believe that if the youths can come together we can form formidable forces that make a difference going forward by placing youths in position of leadership and governance. We have youths across party line across the six geo political zones in the nation.”

He said that the Nigerian youths is defined between the ages of 18 and 45, the last demography puts youths at about 67 million people. He explained that looking at this bracket you discover that in the last general election about seven million youths participated, which can place youths in leadership position.

According to him, “We have the large number, we have the maximum and voting block which when utilized to put youths in position of leadership and governance would provide answer to many issues about the country.”

We are ypuths of likr minds that came together to give birth to governance documents that can bring about delivery in governance.”

“We are not concerned about the presidency in 2019 but we are more interested in other positions such as House of Assembly in the states and National Assembly.”

A member of the group Ferida Yaya said that the priority of the group is to bring the youths on board and give them focus, “the first thing is getting the youths together to form block; we have youths in different political parties and across the federation and second thing is taking Nigeria first and how do we move the country forward.”

However, immediate president National Association College of Education Students Ismaila Adesina, admonished the initiators of 67 million Initiatives to use the group and end poverty among youth.

“My concern is that in the past there are many ideas like this has been conceived and went to abyss without any positive result. This is as a result of poverty. The major problem is poverty. The initiative must find a way of creating job for the youths.”

“If we don’t want Nigerian youths to be corrupt we must provide jobs for them by making them to be self-reliant. Let look at way of training youth from different region of the country.” He said.

“But what am saying is that let the youths be provided with job or train the youths to be productive and self-reliant so that they would not be exposed to the vagaries of the whims and of politicians and all what not.”

“In order words when poverty is biting hard among the youths, politicians will believe that the way to divide the youths is just by paying them stipends and little change.

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