An international businessman and elder brother of Dream Team Coach, Samson Siasia, Mr. Moses Siasia, has deplored the unemployment rate in Bayelsa State, saying over 85 percent of Bayelsans are unemployed.
Siasia said Bayelsa had been plagued by generations of broken promises since the creation of the state in 1996.
He also said the state, which received a large chunk of money from the Federation Accounts had nothing on ground to show for that, insisting that there was the urgent need for a paradigm shift from old generation to young generation of politicians.
35-year-old Siasia stated this yesterday at a press conference in Yenagoa where he expressed his interest to run for the Bayelsa
governorship race in 2015 under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
Siasia, who is a kinsman of current Governor, Seriake Dickson, said the state needed productive mindset to reverse the socioeconomic problems allegedly dogging Bayelsa State.
He said, “There is a huge cry of unemployment. We have over 85 per cent of Bayelsa youths unemployed. Now how do we create employment for our teeming youths that have been impoverished by successive governments and that have
become desolutioned.
“Now, we need to create a robust industrial and education revolution in Bayelsa. Today I have spoken with some of my partners that would be attracted as soon as we get the mandate to create jobs in the state.
“In one year, we can create 20,000 jobs. You don’t give what you don’t have. I have created jobs before. I am doing it now in my business, so if I am saddled with public office, I can do more for our people.
What we have is people who have not created jobs from anywhere; they don’t even understand the dynamics of creating jobs for the people.
“We need leadership mindset that can develop the state and make it an economic hub, a marine hub. Today the world is talking about blue sea economy, where people can use marine, government can use marine sector and create massive jobs and industrialisation for their people and that is what
we are going to do.”
“We need to ask ourselves questions like why Bayelsa, a small state that has received so much done with such? Who is responsible for it? The choices we make politically will either mar us or make us, so this a time for us to make a choice and that is why people like us, who have worked so hard and built international reputation have offered ourselves for service.
“If the older ones that claim to have ruled us from 1999 till date and we are still where we find ourselves today, then let us try the younger generation and see if we would not change what would happen in our state” he said.

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