NIGERIAN Actress and On-
Air-Personality, Omotunde
Adebowale, popularly known
as Lolo1, has compared songs
by new generation artistes with
that of Nigerian music legends,
Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Sunny
According to her, 97 percent
of songs released today are
She said this while speaking to
HipTV, adding that most of the
songs do not pass a message and
they are not children-friendly.
She said, “If you are looking at
the content of music, what will
you say you are buying?
’Ninety seven percent of it
have no meaning.
“You hear ’Bagaladan’
‘skurubababa’ ‘wo’ they do not
have any meaning.”
‘’It is not like the songs of the
yesteryears where you listen
and obey.”
“Even though we have few
people doing conscious music,
Fela, king Sunny Ade and
others did a lot of impactful
music but in this generation, Iam

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not sure.’