There were 99 new allegations

of sexual exploitation, also known

as sexual abuse, against UN staff

members across the UN system in

2015, a new UN report has said.

According to the report, the

figure represents a sharp increase

from the 80 allegations in 2014.

The majority of those

allegations, which were 69 in all,

involved personnel in 10 peace

keeping missions, it said.

The report said that the military

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and police personnel accused

of sexual crimes while serving

for the UN involved some 21

countries, claiming that most of

them are African.

The report by UN Secretary-
General, Ban Ki-moon, does

not identify the nationalities of

the 30 UN staff members that

were accused of sexual abuse

or exploitation who were not

working for peace keeping


The report said that the

advance copy of the UN report

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came in response to a new UN

name and shame policy for UN

peace-keepers implemented after

a series of allegations of rape and

sexual abuse by international

troops in Central African Republic


Most of the allegations

involved peace-keepers from

the Democratic Republic of the

Congo, seven in all, serving in


There were also allegations

against several European

countries and Canada.

There were allegations

against troops and police from

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Burundi, Germany, Ghana,

Senegal, Madagascar, Rwanda,

Congo Republic, Burkina Faso,

Cameroon, Tanzania, Slovakia,

Niger, Moldova, Togo, South

Africa, Morocco, Benin, Nigeria

and Gabon.

In addition to CAR, the

allegations involved peace

keeping missions in places like

Haiti, Mali, Democratic Republic

of the Congo and Ivory Coast.

The report includes

recommendations for member

states to make it easier to identify

suspected perpetrators and

prosecute them.