Parents Teachers Association, PTA, has urged school authorities nationwide to ensure their premises are properly fenced so that the incidence of abduction of children which is gradually encroaching schools is curtailed.
Chairman of PTA in Plateau State, Sylvester Yakubu told newsmen in Jos yesterday that such structures would reduce easy access to school premises.
“There are some schools operating without a fence, both public and private, which is wrong. You are exposing the children to more harm if you do not have a fence in your school or the school is not properly fenced. Fence enables security personnel, staff of the schools and even the students themselves to observe and monitor strange movements, objects or persons in their schools,” he said.
The PTA boss said that it was unfortunate that perpetrators of evil now see abduction of children as a “viable” business to amass wealth.
“It is rather unfortunate that these evil perpetrators now use children as a viable business through demanding for ransom from their parents and guardians before children are released. These people have no excuse for these; they are just desperate for money and do not want to engage in other legal sources of income because they want to become rich overnight.
“Many people are struggling in the society and may even have worse challenges compared to them but do not engage in these evil acts,” he fumed.
He said that these abductions could impair children’s perception about school and might affect them psychologically, leading to poor performance.
Yakubu urged school authorities to be cautious on who they employ because such acts could be orchestrated in unison with some insiders.
School management should ensure staff are properly scrutinised before they are engaged because these abductors can connive with school staff for this evil act,” he said.
The PTA official also enjoined school authorities to beef up security in their schools and always pray for the safety of children in their care, though “God is the ultimate protector.”

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