Abia North PDP backs Ikpeazu

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State has lauded an Australian firm known as the Precious Kids Education empowerment for what he described as bold initiatives to train and retrain primary school teachers in the state to conform to global standards of teaching, giving the high level of their curriculum, which according to the governor “will open the teachers deeply into wealth of experience and learning.”

The governor revealed this during the presentation of training Ipad kits to the governor at the governor’s lodge Aba, by the president of the group, Mrs. Vivian Peters.

The governor said he was particularly passionate in the training of primary 1 teachers as according to him, “Primary one teachers is not a class that should be left behind for teachers, because at that point it is imperative to capture the attention of the child. That is when fundamental issues are being taught to the child, principles of cognitive sciences, communication, civics and behaviour  of the mind. When these facts are applied, no doubt, it remains obvious that a teacher is likely going to produce a child that is psychological balanced, adequately prepared for tertiary institution in the future.”

Continuing, the governor said, “Luckily the promoters of Precious Kids Education empowerment will give out their wealth of experience. It won’t be difficult for them to come down to our level. I think the collaboration between Abia state government and Precious Kids Education empowerment will be sustained”.

Commenting on the negligence of the past administration over the primary school teachers’ affairs, he said he was personally and sentimentally attached to teachers in Abia State, adding that it is his duty to impact positively on Abia state teachers, as teachers’ welfare and education of Abians are his primary agenda.

Speaking, the President of Precious Kids Education, Mrs  Vivian Peters said her organization was conceived barely 10 years ago. The concept according to her was started in Nigeria as a result of the high demand in its training and innovative strategies and impartation.

“So far Precious Kids Education empowerment has been known for its great achievements in early childhood education in Sydney Australia. In the past few years, it has stood the test of time.

“However we are currently setting up academic structures working together with renown and experienced training institute in Australia which strengthens their training packages.

“The greatness of tomorrow’s children begin with the teachers they meet on their way to the top because statistics have proven that children within the age bracket of 2-16 years spend most of their indecisive growing stages with teachers,” Mrs Peters said.