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Publisher: Dom Communication

No 1 Amac Plaza, Wuse Zone 3


FCT, Nigeria

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Group Chairman/Publisher/Editor-in-Chief : PRINCE DENNIS.O. SAMI



Executive Editor: Obinna F. Nwachukwu

Editor: Osedebamen Isibor

Sunday Editor: Kassim Omomia



To publish a Newspaper with conscience that is out authoritatively to practice robust and incisive journalism which will become beneficiary to all aspects of society that breach the gap as watchdog.

We strive to make difference in the Nigerian media industry, and that is why we are known as Nigerian Pilot Newspaper.



To be one of Nigeria’s leading Newspaper designed to touch all aspects of society.

To be a voice the rest of the Nigerian Society can trust.




The Publisher /CEO

PRINCE DENNIS.O. SAMI                                               

Born in the Niger Delta State of Bayelsa, South-South Nigeria, Prince Dennis O. Sami, is the Group Chairman. He sits atop the conglomerate at the Abuja head office from where he directs all businesses of the Group.

DSC_8291A journalism graduate with Masters degree in Media Arts, Sami acquired extensive profession­al experience in media practice within and outside Nigeria before setting up the Group. In addition, Sami is a social critic and public affairs commentator. He is equally engaged in politics where he believes he can make the most of impact in bringing succour to many who are in dire need. He was a Sen­ior Special Assistant to the Deputy Governor, Governor of Bayelsa State and now the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who he is still closely working with as Special Adviser, Honorary Duties.

That he combines this with being the chairman of DOM Group of Companies, underscores his dexterity. He is currently the Chairman of Abuja Broadcasting Corporation, a radio and television broadcasting station (ASO RADIO and TELEVISION) owned by the Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA.

He is also a Director/Commissioner of the Board of Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, NBC, representing the South-South Zone.

Sami belongs to several professional bodies such as the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Sports Writ­ers Association of Nigeria, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, etc. He is Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria. He is a recipient of many awards in recognition of his achievements in business and philanthropy.DENIS

He was named 2006 Magazine publisher of the Year by the FCT Abuja Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists.

Prince Sami is a lover of sports. His hobbies include golf, table tennis and swimming. He is a member of the elite IBB International Golf and Country Club, Abuja. He is widely travelled and happily married with children.


Nigerian Pilot Newspaper
Established 5 years ago, Nigerian Pilot newspaper which is a child of the very celebrated and successful Newsworld magazine has since the first edition came out  on Sunday 28 November 2010 become the toast of policy­makers, news makers, politicians as well as vendors who will not rest until at least a copy graces their stand. It has truly found its rightful place among leading newspapers in Nigeria.

Fondly called the Newspaper With Conscience, the journey so far has been a combination of hard work, doggedness, perseverance, commitment and teamwork. It has justified its desire to effectively satisfy the need of both the newsmakers and consumers without sacrificing the patriotic spirit that runs through every published line.

Shortly after its first publication it went into full blast (publish­ing daily and circulating nationwide) in less than two months, a feat yet to be recorded by any other newspaper in Nigeria.

Today, the newspaper is printed simultaneously in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt. It has offices and staff in all states of the federation and every major city in Nigeria. The content and quality have continued to improve by the day and this will be sustained.

Though yet to grow into adulthood, we make bold to say that the little baby of yesterday is fast becoming a man to be reckoned with. The reason is simple: Recent research reports have it that Nigerian Pilot newspaper ranks among Nigeria’s top seven newspaper brands today.

Nigerian Newsworld Magazine (UK) Ltd
Registered in the United Kingdom as a newsweekly reporting Nigeria to the world and vice versa, Nigerian Newsworld Magazine (UK) Limited like its colleague-publication back in Nigeria is a weekly reportage of news, events and features dedicated to informing, educating and entertaining broad spectrum of readers across the globe.