AMID CONCERNS over lull in
government because of the absence
of ministers to man ministries,
the presidency has said that the
development had not created a
vacuum in governance.
The assertion came on Wednesday
from the president’s spokesperson,
Mr. Femi Adesina.
Adesina insisted that Buhari’s slow
pace and the absence of a cabinet
almost a month after he assumed
office on May 29 were “not impacting
negatively on governance in any
He said: “Business need not be
grounded at Ministries Departments
and Agencies, MDAs, because the
permanent secretaries and other
technocrats are in place to take
decisions. It is the prerogative of the
President to make the appointments.
He will make them (appointments) at
the fullness of time.”
Nigerian Pilot had on Monday
reported that Nigerians are worried
that nearly one month in office,
Buhari has not be able to appoint
even the Secretary to the Government
of the Federation, SGF, the Chief of
Staff, CoS and ministers
A concerned senior government
official had told Nigerian Pilot that,
“This is the area where Nigerians feel
very worried. For the Office of the SGF
that performs such vital constitutional
functions as coordinating policy
design and formulation by MDAs
for approval by government, serving
as Secretary to the Council of State,
the Federal Executive Council, FEC
and other Constitutional Councils,
pre coordinating the activities of
MDAs on the implementation of critical decisions, policies
and programmes dealing with
constitutional, political and
socioeconomic matters as may
be referred to the Presidency and
taking charge of Administrative
Tribunals, Commissions and
Panels of Enquiry; coordinating
national security and public safety
matters among several others; it
is very absurd for us to have a
President in office for over three
weeks with government and
governance expected to be going,
but with no results so far.”
But in an interview with
Premiumtimes on Wednesday,
Adesina declared that the
absence of the key officers had
not grounded the activities of the
Federal Government.
Investigations have, however,
shown that the daily operations of
MDAs have been weakened while
coordination of important policies
and programmes has become a
“The country can ill-afford
further delay by the President to
make these vital appointments,”
the news medium quoted a
permanent secretary as lamenting.
“From the presidency to the
ministries, departments and
agencies, everything has come to
virtual standstill.”
The official said although the
president had since received
approval from the Senate to
appoint 15 persons as special
advisers, he had only appointed
two, and had yet to send his
ministerial nominees to the Upper
House for confirmation

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