Premium brand, Absolut
Vodka says it is more than
thrilled to announce its
continued partnership with
the MTV Africa Music Awards,
KwaZulu-Natal 2015, as July
18 will once again see South
Africa’s paradise city Durban,
host the awards, celebrating
Africa’s musicians and
achievers who have made the
most impact on youth culture
throughout the year.
The MAMA is a world
class staging of dazzling
performances from the
African continent as well
as prominent international
artists. A showcase of all-star
collaborations between artists
of different genres and cultures
makes these awards the most
riveting of its kind in Africa.
The sponsorship of the Best
New Comer Award, “Best New
Act Transformed by Absolut”
is a highly relevant association
for Absolut Vodka – long
renowned for its innovation
and creativity – so, it is fitting
that the brand has chosen
to sponsor an award which
celebrates new talent.
The partnership between
Absolut Vodka and the MAMA
has evolved tremendously this
year after Absolut recognised
the necessity for a localised
African campaign, Africa is
Absolut. Absolut has stepped
it up a notch with a campaign
specifically designed to
recognise unique qualities and
passions reflected in African
Africa is Absolut is a
campaign which once again
reflects the ability of a brand
to push the boundaries of
creativity and in so doing
acknowledges artistes who
have done the same.
The campaign identifies
those who have remained true
to their beliefs and passions,
stuck to their own style, aren’t
afraid to uniquely create
through their innovative and
creative means which prompt
originality and ingenuity.
With characteristics
synonymous with Absolut
Vodka, through its partnership
with the MAMA, the brand
creates a platform that will
not only raise the nominee’s
profiles in their home towns
but across the African
continent during the build up
to the MAMA.
“We are once again proud
to be part of a pan-African
music celebration such as
the MAMA,” says Marketing
Director of Pernod Ricard SA,
Charl Bassil, “Not only does
our partnership with Viacom
International Media Networks
Africa allow us to utilize the
MAMA platform with the
Africa is Absolut Campaign,
but it will also allow Absolut to
further ingrain artists outside
their hometown to all of Sub-
Saharan Africa.”
An additional partnership
with Khuli Chana, emphasizes
Bassil’s latter reference to
profiling artists outside
of their hometowns. This
partnership is a depiction
of the transformation that
Absolut is able to effect in
artists’ lives.It also represents
the type of artistry and vision
that Absolut endorses as being
Absolut. Selected because
of his personal journey in
the music industry Khuli is
reflective of an artist who is
self-believing, unique, creative
and constantly innovative,
the very nature of an Absolut
This partnership will extend
to the actual award ceremony
in July where Khuli will present
the Best New Act Transformed
by Absolut award. “Khuli
Chana is a true definition of
what it means to be Absolut.
His grit to stick to his rap style
and artistry is what truly makes
him a great spokesperson for
our campaign.
Although, he has not won
this specific category at the
MAMA previously, We are
excited to have him award the
winner of the Best New Act
Transformed by Absolut on
the night of the MAMA”, said
Charl Bassil. As a recipient
of awards in other music
properties, Khuli is completely
cognisant of the prolific impact
on the nominee’s.
Absolut will play a
transformational role in
galvanizing votes for the
respective nominees, to win
the prestigious award.
Five nominees will
compete in the Best New
Act Transformed by Absolut
category. The nominees will
be announced on 11 June 2015
at the official nomination
announcement, taking place in

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