Dean of the School of Postgraduate Studies, SPGS, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Professor Kabiru Bala, has revealed that the school is now fully positioned and working towards ensuring that candidates admitted for various Masters and Doctorate degree programs graduated on record time.
The Dean who spoke to journalists in the University over the weekend on the state of the SPGS said the time has passed when students stayed longer than necessary or beyond the period stipulated for them to obtain their postgraduate degrees in the SPGS.
Considering our status as one of the leading universities within and outside the shores of Africa, our vast and competent potentials and pace setting records in various areas of research and general scholarship, we must live to international standards.
Professor Bala who however, attributed the once-upon-a-time delay in the graduation of postgraduate students in the university to factors mostly associated with students’ unseriousness where some of the students on successful completion of their course work, they leave and never come back again, or they come back after a couple of years.
Another problem that used to cause delay in graduating postgraduate students, according to the dean, was a mismatch between the students and their supervisors. What this means is that some students used to be assigned supervisors who knew little or nothing on the research topic undertaken by the students.
Professor Bala however, assured that the present administration in the university and the postgraduate school has surmounted these problems by way of evolving practical solutions where every research student will be assigned a supervisor who either has interest in the student’s research area or an area that is within the supervisor’s field of specialisation.
The dean also revealed that all other problems, such as inadequate manpower and facilities in some departments that impeded successful training and churning out of competent graduates on record time are being addressed by the professor Ibrahim Garba-led administration.

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