Producers in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja have been putting in their best to revamp the dying spirit of entertainment in the territory.
According to some of these producers, Abuja artistes are to blame. In a chat with Nigerian Pilot, Abuja based producer, owner of Papie T Entertainment, Mase Daniel explained that entertainment in Lagos is booming because the Lagos artistes are better organised than Abuja artistes.
“Entertainment in Abuja picked up some years ago and it is not really on the booming side as compared to Lagos. Lagos is always booming because shows happen on a daily basis. I think we still have to work very hard in Abuja to make the city lively.
He stated that there are many things in Lagos which are absent in Abuja as far as the entertainment industry is concerned.
“Entertainers in Lagos are united. I noticed that all the entertainers there are like ‘one blood’. The artistes, producers, DJs in Lagos are very united. For example, if you meet a DJ in Lagos and ask for DJ Jimmy Jatts number, he will call Jimmy Jatts in your presence and inform him he is giving his number to you but the scenario but if it is in Abuja, they will not even give you the contact of the DJ. Most of the DJs in Abuja think too highly of themselves, the artistes too are not united.”
He also decried the fact that many artistes come from Lagos to take what belongs to Abuja artistes.
“Most artistes come from Lagos and steal the shine from Abuja artistes. Most times people artistes from Lagos to come and grace events in Abuja meanwhile, we have good artistes here. We want a situation where an Abuja based entertainer will go to Lagos and get the same treatment. Before that, many issues need to be corrected as far as Abuja entertainers are concerned especially when it comes to discipline.
Also, you will discover that, most of the radio stations play mainly Lagos based artistes. If you check the playlists of most radio stations, you will find out that most of the artistes who are being promoted are not from Abuja.”

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