Nigerians yesterday, gathered at the National Space Research and Development Agency, NSRDA, Abuja, to catch a glimpse of the annular solar eclipse.
The spectators, who were mostly students, were given solar glasses to observe the phenomenon. It was an interesting moment at 8.47am, when the moon was spotted overlapping the sun with a dark cloud, making the entire spectrum turn dark.
Saidu Mohammed, director-general of the agency, said some West African countries such as Togo, Ghana and Niger Republic would experience the phenomenon while Indonesia would have a total solar eclipse.
He urged Nigerians not to panic because it is a natural phenomenon that is not catastrophic.
He also warned Nigerians against viewing the phenomenon with bare eyes, saying it is capable of damaging them.
Yesterday’s annular eclipse was experienced in Benin Republic ahead of Indonesia where a total eclipse was expected. A previous eclipse occurred in 2013, and another annular solar eclipse is expected to occur in 2018.

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