Muslims within the Federal Capital Territory on Thursday celebrated the Eid-el Kabir festival on a low key.
Many reasons were, however, given for this.
While some attributed their staying indoors with their families to lack of money to take their family members out, others on the other hand decided to stay indoors for security precaution.
According to Alhaji Abdullahi, a lugbe resident, “I would rather remain indoors with my family than take them out and expose them to danger.”
Some traders on the other hand complained of low patronage.
Some of them observed that it’s been long they experienced this type of sallah as everything seem stifled.
According to a ram dealer, the customers complain of no money and after much haggling over prices of rams, most of them ended up turning back.
He said some customers who intended to buy more than one so they could share to family members could not do so, as they complained of no money.
Parks and relaxation centres are not left out, as some of the places visited had mild patronage.
The same reason happens to be the song on everybody’s lips, as they all complained of lack of money.
Market survey done before the sallah festival reflected economic hardship, as buyers and sellers interviewed lamented same situation.
The situation was also not too different in the city centres, as some parks are deserted while some had just scanty customers.
Traffic was also light in the streets of Abuja as most people preferred to celebrate the sallah in their homes.

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