As part of its efforts to realize its vision in 2020 to empower 3million people globally to become successful entrepreneurial and business owners, Accenture has partnered with the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, LCCI in its 6 months mentoring programme for young entrepreneurs in Nigeria.
This partnership is also driven by the need to help promote and protect the business community at large through public advocacy, creation and facilitation of commercial and industrial opportunities.
Speaking during the opening ceremony of the 2015 LCCI mentoring program held at the LCCI Conference and Exhibition Centre, Lagos, Segun Olalandu, Marketing Communications Lead, Accenture for Nigeria said Accenture started with a vision to empower 250,000 people globally and have achieved that, adding that Accenture now aims to empower 3million people by 2020 globally by helping them get a job or start a business.
He further explained that as at 2015, Accenture had empowered over 800thousand people globally and now it is enabling 50 people and helping them grow their businesses through the partnership.
According to him, “We partner significantly with anybody who will help us achieve that goal of getting people employed, skilling them up to be employable and also people who will help us get people to start their own businesses like LCCI is doing.”
“To reach the world, we do a reporting line which is based on the UN type reporting for Corporate Social Responsibility and it is based on this we know how many people we have reached. We have regular meetings with the people from various regions. We have people in European region, Asian region, and American region amongst others having their meetings which will combine to a single report,” he added.
Speaking on the performance of entrepreneurs, he said the magic that makes Nigeria what it is, is the entrepreneurial spirit as a people, as we have so many examples of our people doing incredible things out of nothing and if given the opportunity, they will do much more.
Remi Bello, President of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry who was represented by Gabriel Idahosa, Vice President of the Chamber who described the partnership as a great one said focusing this developmental initiative on the youth is a means of investing in their future, thereby guaranteeing a better tomorrow for the country.
He therefore invited every well-meaning Nigerians to support the initiative and enjoined the mentees to make the best out of the opportunity and be good ambassadors of the program so that millions of other youths can be encouraged to benefit from the program.
Seun Afolabi, a shoe maker and one of the mentees, who had benefitted from the program, said the program does not just bring one to the training ground but brings about confidence in the mentees.
“Today, I am a proud shoe maker and I also make accessories for ladies as a result of what I have learnt from this program. The program has made me understand the business side of business,” Afolabi said.

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