AS CONCERNS about climate
change intensify all over the
world and countries gear
up toward reducing carbon
emission, Accenture has tasked
world leaders, policy makers,
governments and corporate
organisations on the need for a
concerted efforts and accelerated
actions in a bid to tackle the threat
posed by climate change.
Country Manager for Accenture
in Nigeria, Mr. Niyi Yussuf made
this call while analysing findings
by the United Nations Global
Compact-Accenture CEO Study,
‘Special Edition: A Call to Climate
Action’ released in November
The study, which was carried out using surveys conducted
with CEOs of Caring for Climate
participant companies, business
leaders from 750 Global Compact
participants, drawn from 152
countries across 41 industry sectors
and participants, reported that “91
percent of business leaders believe
that climate change is an urgent
priority for businesses, progress is
on track to restrict global warming
to less than 2 degree Celsius, while
66 percent believe business is not
doing enough to tackle climate
While highlighting the growth
and innovation opportunities
attached to efforts towards
combating climate change, the
study reported that 70 percent (of
leaders from the world’s largest
companies) see opportunities for
growth and innovation, 67 percent
report a clear business case for action,
while 69 percent see investment
in climate solutions as essential to
competitive advantage.”
But amid this strong belief in
the importance of urgent action,
and the opportunities that action
on climate change can present,
the study showed that “just onethird
of business leaders surveyed
believe that progress is on track to
restrict global warming to less than 2
degrees Celsius (2C)—and just onethird
believe that companies in their
industry are doing enough.”
Mr. Yusuf, therefore, said:
“Climate change is a momentous
threat to development, to peace
and security, and to market
stability. While the pace of action by
governments, businesses and society at large has increased, our efforts,
individually and collectively, must
be accelerated further if the threat
of catastrophic climate change is
to be removed effectively. It is with
this in mind that we renew our call
to the business community to make
a lasting commitment to climate
action now.”
He also added that it will require
enabling action on the part of
governments and policy makers in
order to unlock the potential of the
private sector.
According to him, joint efforts will
result in great results as business
leaders are moving to innovate
climate solutions and adopt lowcarbon
business models, while
companies in every region and in
every industry sector are already
realizing opportunities for growth
and innovation in addressing
the climate challenge.
The Country Manager for
Accenture concluded that CEOs
see five critical policy measures
that can unlock further
private sector investment
and address the climate
challenge, namely ‘legislative
and fiscal mechanisms
to increase investment in
climate solutions; financial
instruments to stimulate R&D
and innovation; performance
standards to reduce greenhouse
gas emissions and enhance
climate resilience, global,
robust and predictable carbon
pricing mechanisms; and
removal or phasing out of fossil
fuel subsidies in low-carbon

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