Kingsway International
Christian Center,
KICC, Pastor Matthew
Ashimolowo, has defended
Nigerian pastors that have
private jets.
Speaking in a recent
interview, Pastor
Ashimolowo said the
busy itineraries of most
clergymen demand the use
of private jets.
According to him, busy
preachers like Pastor Enoch
Adeboye of the RCCG
having his own private jet
saves the church money
and time.
He, however, urged
pastors to contribute to the
development of Nigeria’s
economy rather than
leaving it in the hands of
“Out of 20million
clergymen, we may not
be more than six pastors
that have jets Look at their
itineraries and check if it
is saving money, take for
example, Pastor Adeboye
he was in Toronto and had
to meet up for a flight in
Washington to meet with
“You can sit in some
airport for 16 hours and
end up missing meetings.
I think the issue was
blown out of proportion,
sometimes we look at needs
and fail to recognise if it is a
necessity for some people.
“We have not challenged
people who are under 45
or those that just finished
university that have jets. We
wonder when the economy
got so good that we have
billionaires with over 40
parked jets at the Murtala
Mohammed Airport.
“Certainly, there are
issues within the religious
bodies, it is very difficult
for a nation not to reflect
the church in it and difficult
for church not to reflect the
nation in it
“However, it is important
for leaders of the church
to begin to realise that
answers are not in the
hands of politicians we
need to up our game.”

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