Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC in its Monthly Subscriber Data said that Nigeria’s active telephone lines now stand at 145,476,326.
According to the data, the country’s teledensity stands at 103.91 per cent as at the end of April, with the penetration increasing to 103.91 per cent.
The development is an indication that the proportional growth in access to telephone services is getting deeper in the country.
It said that from December 2001 to 2006, teledensity was based on connected subscribers and from December 2007 it was based on active subscriptions on mobile networks.
The data showed that industry teledensity stood at 92.42 per cent as at April 2014 and increased by 11.49 per cent to reach 103.91 per cent by April 2015.
In May 2014, it moved up to 93.70 per cent; 94.84 per cent in June and at the end of July, the figure declined to 94.42 per cent.
In August, September and October, the figures moved to 95.20 per cent, 96.08 per cent and 96.87 per cent, respectively.
In November and December, the telephony penetration increased to 97.60 per cent and 99.39 per cent, respectively.
The teledensity reached a 100.59 per cent in January 2015, increased to 101.85 per cent in February, then to 102.81 per cent in the month of March 2015.
The commission said that teledensity was calculated based on population estimate of 126 million up till December 2005 and from December 2006 it was based on a population estimate of 140 million.

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