A human right activist, Comrade Modestus Anoliefo has urged the federal and Anambra governments to come out clearly and tell the entire Nigerians the truth about the relocation of the Boko Haram suspects to Ekwulobia prison in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, which has generated series of protests from both traders in the state and the entire South East.
Speaking to journalists in Awka yesterday, Anoliefo lamented that the failure by the officials of both Federal and State Governments to speak upon the matter has inflicted psychological trauma on the people of the state and the zone in particular.
Anoliefo, who is a top member of Human Rights Volunteer Club in the State also condemned the frequent closure of markets in the state, which he said was a denial of traders’ rights to pursue their legitimate means of livelihood.
He queried why Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State has not spoken about the matter in his capacity as the Chief Security Officer of the state as his public utterenace on the matter could calm frayed nerves in the state and in the zone.
“President Muhammed Buhari should also douse the tension by approaching the matter with discretion.
The three Senators representing Anambra State in the Senate and members of the House of Representatives from the state should not keep mum about the matter but be vocal because the electorates are watching them at this period of their travails”, said Anoliefo.
He advised that Anambra State should not be engulfed by imbroglio as it will be counter –productive and set back the progress of the State, stressing however, the need for information dissemination so that the people would be better informed.

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