AbujA electricity Distribution Company AEDC has stated that it acquired advanced equipment valued at over N200m to facilitate service delivery within their franchise areas. Speaking during the unveiling ceremony in Abuja weekend, Mr Ernest Mupwaya said that the equipment would help the in efficient service delivery and see real time delivered from customers. According to him, “We have also implemented technical advancement on softer side of business. This is computerized apparatus we are using to monitor, update and get new data from the field. We are really out to software apparatus which will enable us to conduct the progress of work done by marketers.” . “We will start seeing shorter time of delivery and resolution of fault. We will continue to engage customers and stakeholders. It
required corporations of all stakeholders.” “We have engineered our business process, as we speak, 127 processes has been modified so that we can become more responsive to customer service delivery. And again, training alone cannot make us achieve objective unless we properly equip employers.” “We have invested in technological equipment that will make us deliver improved service.” Mr Mupwaya stated that the major challenge facing in FCT is that the distribution network is underground which needed special equipment to detect faults analyze and repair it. Added to the underground network, the AEDC boss said that the company is facing other challenges such as vandalising cables or where there is a cable fault, it takes many hours or week to discover it. “It has been so frustrating for our engineers who are willing to work but they are handicapped by lack of equipment. But
it has now been drastically changed and the equipment we are showing is modern fault capacity equipment.” “The capability of that equipment is that within 30 minutes, the portin of the underground faculty could be located or pinpointed so that the rest of the work will be up to the engineers in terms of excavating and repairs. So we have better control in ensuring that we deliver on time now.” “We have also procured high special valued cameras which can be used to scan the network and they will give us a work spot, particularly potential area of failure by committing to observing work sports, before it failure it means that our preventive measure have become very effective we can then take intervention to ensure that service is improved.” “We have procured power quality analyzers, this again are special equipment which can put a customer premise to get a technical parameter about power supply quality.” He said.

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