• … decries crushing hardship among Nigerians

Chief Executive Officer of PurpleHundred, and Founder of the African Economic Merit Awards, AEMA, McEvaTemofe, has decried the crushing weight of sufferings among Nigerians, urging the Federal Government to make haste and fix the nation’s economy.
Speaking against the backdrop of rising cost of living in the country, Temofe called on the Federal Government to deploy investments towards youth empowerment and the development of agriculture at the grassroots.
AEMA bossAccording to the PurpleHundred boss, already endowed with arable lands, huge investment in agricultural development will produce massive economic benefits, as well as provide jobs for the thousands of youths graduating on a yearly basis without hopes for work.
He said “The Federal Government should look into agriculture at the grassroots level. Yes, agriculture and youth empowerment. This is because we have more youths graduating out of school, but fewer jobs to go round. If government can develop the agricultural sector, the positive impact on the economy will be massive because we have vast arable lands and lots of other natural resources.”
He further chided the regulators of the electricity industry and the distribution companies over the new tariff which he maintained was ill-timed, as Nigerians are yet to see any improvement in electricity supply that could serve as motivation for increased tariff.
“Why should they increase the tariff when obviously there is unstable electricity supply. People are getting frustrated over everything, now you want to increase the tariff when the dollar and Naira are having blind eye to each other. Increasing the tariff for what? Why are you even increasing? Give Nigerians light and Nigerians will pay. Once this electricity becomes a bit stable, people will be willing to pay for any increment. So the Discos should put their houses in order first before asking for any tariff increase,” queried the AEMA founder.
He called on government to put policies in place that would make locally-made goods competitive in terms of pricing and quality with foreign products stating that prices of made-in-Nigerian-products are high compared to their foreign products which, he observed, encourages importation and discourages patronage of the local products.

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