Member of the Board of Trustees, All Farmers Association of Nigeria, AFAN, Dr. Shettima Mustafa, said the association would soon be reorganised, so as to enhance unity and understanding among members.
The reorganisation, according to Mustafa, has become necessary following a series of misunderstanding among members that has threatened the unity and purpose of forming the association.
In a statement issued on behalf of other trustees and made available to Nigerian Pilot, he pointed out that “the trend has to be reversed in the interest of farmers and the future of Nigeria’s agriculture.”
“There is no gainsaying that in the last few years, a series of misunderstanding has crept into AFAN to the extent of threatening the commonness of purpose and the philosophy/objective of floating it in the first instance.
“The three trustees, in whose names AFAN was registered, have discussed the matter and decided to take necessary steps to bring the required harmony and progress.
“In so doing, concerned stakeholders should be rest assured that they will be involved as appropriate and therefore be patient and allow the trustees to handle the matter soonest,” he stated.
Mustafa expressed confidence that AFAN will come back to its original path as a purposeful apex organisation for Nigerian farmers and all agro-entrepreneurs in the country.
The trustee also assured that it would continue to be a strong and committed partner in promoting government’s good intentions toward developing agriculture for the benefit of all.

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