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AFP creates virtual showroom in Abuja



Head of Media Relations for the Julius Berger Nigeria Group, Prince Moses Duku has disclosed that the AFP, the furniture production facility of the Company has created a virtual showroom in Abuja.

Prince Duku who made this known to newsmen in a telephone conference yesterday also invited its customers to visit its state-of-the-art virtual showrooms to discover and experience an unrivalled display of furniture and interior solutions.

The showrooms feature fully- operational kitchens equipped with top-end appliances, modern relaxation lounges, refined executive offices, impressive fine dining table settings, lavish bathroom vanity units and cozy bedroom solutions.

According to him, “AFP now displays its portfolio in a new light with an interactive VR experience tailored to meet client’s needs. Additionally, the AFP Virtual showroom offers an exquisite showcase of modern interior design and innovative home technology concepts, a fully functional five star hotel suite and a luxury home cinema.”

“The entire concept allows AFP the opportunity to showcase our portfolio in virtual reality giving customers the ability to discover and engage with AFP’s entire product range in the AFP’s actual showroom space. Clients can now from anywhere in the world intuitively browse AFP’s offerings, as well as explore and compare different material selections, variations and technical details.”

“AFP Virtual showrooms now demonstrate actual spaces in real time, which prospective customers are able to experiment with using various designs choices in a lifelike context.”

He also explained that by actually shifting them into a room that reflects the space customers desire to design, it gives a better idea as to how certain furniture options and designs might look when applied as own properties.

The AFP showrooms, he said, will remain open during the 2020 calendar year, fully assuring customers that all their furniture and interior needs will be comprehensively, highly catered for. He further outlined necessary and respectful AFP Showroom hygiene and social distancing guidelines that have been responsibly and properly put in place.

Speaking further to the Julius Berger offerings, Duku assured that all customers and staff while in the AFP showrooms are required to maintain a distance of two metres from all other persons, and wash hands with soap and water as well as use hand sanitizer before entering the showrooms.

“Everyone is also to wear a facemask at all times whilst in the showroom, avoid touching their nose, mouth and eyes; and generally comply with all Government guidance on social distancing and curfew requirements.” He said.

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